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The hardest dish to cook/bake

Hello world and everybody in it!

Sorry it has been a while but we have not forgotten about you. We have been busy exploring this beautiful country that we have chosen to be our home – New Zealand and soaking in the sunshine. Winter is coming and we are getting less and less of it. We went to Castlepoint and it was beautiful as, look at it

Just wanted to share these images with you as they are so beautiful.

Back to the topic. We were chatting to a friend the other day about our blog and it made us realise how great it is that we can use Trev’s skills in cooking and portray it to you through Gailas eyes as an amature cook. That way even the hardest dishes seem a lot easier.

We all have a dish that never comes out the way it should or we are not confident enough to even try. So why don’t you post a comment with the dish that you find hard or that you would like to try and we will have a go at simplifying it for you 🙂

Hey guys, we have decided it would be quite interesting giving you the chance to decide what we should cook. We came up with a voting system, so please don’t be shy 🙂 give it a try

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