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The hardest dish to cook/bake

Hello world and everybody in it!

Sorry it has been a while but we have not forgotten about you. We have been busy exploring this beautiful country that we have chosen to be our home – New Zealand and soaking in the sunshine. Winter is coming and we are getting less and less of it. We went to Castlepoint and it was beautiful as, look at it

Just wanted to share these images with you as they are so beautiful.

Back to the topic. We were chatting to a friend the other day about our blog and it made us realise how great it is that we can use Trev’s skills in cooking and portray it to you through Gailas eyes as an amature cook. That way even the hardest dishes seem a lot easier.

We all have a dish that never comes out the way it should or we are not confident enough to even try. So why don’t you post a comment with the dish that you find hard or that you would like to try and we will have a go at simplifying it for you 🙂

Black Forest Gateau Part 2

Here we have a second part of our lovely Black forest gateau. Wait till you see it finished! It’s a beauty 🙂

The ingredients needed for this part:

  • Cherries (as many as you fancy) we used 2 x 700 g marinated cherries
  • 150 g Dark chocolate
  • 500 ml cream
  • Kirsch (depending on personal taste) we used around 75 ml, maybe a splash more
  • corn flour, just a little….

sorry for not being so precise!

First things first you will have to cut the top of your sponge and that will become the bottom of the cake.

Then divide it in three equal parts.

Put it aside for now, time to make some fire 🙂 use the juice from 1 of the jars of cherries, add your Kirsch, you might need to add a little sugar depending on what your cherries are marinated in. We didn’t though.

Bring to the boil and carefully (without burning you hand or burning the house down) set fire to the liquid to burn the alcohol. It’s up to you how much of it you want left in 😉 you don’t need to burn any at all!

You want to start building the cake on a cake stand or a big plate, a dish that it will stay on.

Cover the first layer of the sponge with the syrup, remember the top of the cake is now the bottom.

Whip the cream

Put a thick layer on the sponge

Arrange the cherries on the top of the cream, Gaila loves cherries – so there are loads on ours 🙂

You could put more cream on the bottom of the second layer, place the second layer on top of the cherries.

Cover the second layer of your sponge with the syrup as you did the first layer

Cover it with another thick layer of cream

And place the cherries nicely on top of it, now you know Gaila really likes cherries

Place the last layer of sponge on top of that, looks good already 🙂

Cover the top with the syrup

Place the cherries in the middle of the top layer

leaving around an inch and a bit on a side for the cream

Cover the sides with cream using a spatula

After you covered your sides nice and thick time to glaze the cherries on the top of the cake. To make the glaze use the syrup that you used to brush the sponge, thicken it with a little corn flower over a low heat.

Don’t forget to taste 😉 most important part of cooking!

When the glaze is nice and thick (and tasted) pour it over the cherries but don’t let it run on the sides.

Now you can put that beauty in the fridge. Next you will have to prepare the chocolate that you will use to cover the sides and decorate it. So break your chocolate in a heat proof bowl and melt it over steaming water.

Now this might sound a bit weird. We used a glass shelf out of our fridge, but if you have a marble slab, you can use that too! Spoon a little melted chocolate onto the shelf, spread out as thin as you can go, a nice long strip. Put back in the fridge to set. Next using a pastry scrape or a palette knife scrape the chocolate, you’re pushing forward at a 45 degree angle……

and you should get this, place in a suitable container and chill, not you – the chocolate 🙂

time to cover the sides with a spoon or spatula as chocolate melts very fast in your hands

You are very close to the finish now 🙂 What’s left is to pipe some cream around the edge

Put a few more cherries around the sides and some chocolate decorations and it is ready!!!! Looking amazing 🙂

Yay! We did it!!!! What do you think?

Enjoy! Bon Appetit! Skanaus!

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