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Merry Sherry Trifle

Hi everyone! There is nothing, and I mean nothing that beats a good sherry trifle! very quick and easy to put together and tastes just like my mum makes!

All you will need is….

  • Swiss roll as the recipe we have made before or shop bought
  • 1 x tin of fruit, try to get the one with soft fruit inside, drained
  • sherry
  • 1 litre of jelly (we used boysenberry) warm and ready to rock`n roll
  • 300g custard (has to be powdered, otherwise it wouldn’t taste like mums!)
  • 300ml double cream

Slice your swiss roll and place it into a glass bowl, pour your fruit on top, and drizzle with sherry. Be as generous as you want to be, we like a good ould splash!

Pour over your jelly

Look at that beauty…..And the trifle looks pretty good too

Make your custard as the recipe on your packet and pour over your set jelly/sponge/fruit!

When your custard is chilled, whip up your cream and dollop on top and enjoy…. trust me, that didn’t last long! Thanks MUM for all those trifles you have made us, looking forward to one or two in June

First time making swiss roll for Gaila  and it was indeed interesting. 

As we have just moved to a new country a few kitchen utensils are missing such as a mixer 🙂 using a whisk is a lot harder. We got there in the end had to swap a few times so our hands wouldn’t fall off.

The tin is slightly to big too. The end result is lovely anyway

 and then to making Baked Alaskaa slice of swiss roll for the bottomthen, ice cream for the topcover it all with merengue and bake in the oven till brownbut not too long so the ice cream inside is still frozenEnjoy, we did  🙂

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